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Volume II, Issue 2

Food lovers and fellow Chefs,
It is our pleasure to share with you that Cuisine Digest magazine for Chefs in its ninth issue in 2019!

With festivities galore in this season, Chefs have the opportunity to explore winter-specific ingredients that are available at this turn of the year. There are enough novel ways to surprise your guests with the wellness benefits of seasonal produce that this cold season offers. Are you selecting recipes that utilize these ingredients, especially those that are in sync with the season? What will be your choice of drink this time of the year? In order to get that warm feeling within, Kama says it is not what you drink, but how you drink it!

Though diners invariably choose what they would like to eat and drink on their own, the order they place is definitely influenced by the layout of the menu. The menu can be made such that it informs, guides and encourages diners toward smaller portion sizes and nutritious options. Take a stance on sustainability! A responsible buffet reminds people not to overindulge or be wasteful.

In the international cuisine section, Chef John Yoo takes us to the Korean peninsula. He delivers a selection of Korean fare, while the South Asian cuisine of Himalayan Nepal is the highlight of our
regional cuisine section.
Tex-Mex delights on the menu of Sanchez restaurant by Chef Vikas Seth have enthralled diners in India’s high tech megacity Bengaluru. He shares his restaurant journey with us.
Toast the winters with some sesame seeds that lend you a dose of health these winters, especially when combined with gur or jaggery, which incidentally is the confectionery ingredient that we explore this season.
What is making news in the culinary world? Find out inside this issue. We would also like to connect with you to get your comments and suggestions over email or social media platforms.

Culinary Regards,

Chef Sudhir Sibal

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