Faux-Pas While Eating Out?

You have surely done this sometime in your life, if not every other day!

Dipping your samosa or pakoda or idli in that lip-smacking chutney more than once?

An American research has some findings that resonate with us in South Asia as well.

Photo by Lovefood Art from Pexels

Sixty-one percent of Americans report that they have committed a food-related faux pas at a party, according to a recent survey of 1,000 US adults ages 18+ by Wakefield Research for Lundberg Family Farms, a national leader in organic rice, rice products and US-grown quinoa.

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Towards a Better Food Future for All

Talking about the Chef’s Manifesto with Chefs and stakeholders in New Delhi, Nov. 3, 2019

New Delhi, Nov. 3, 2019: In his second Chef’s Manifesto event this weekend in the Indian capital, Paul Newnham, Coordinator – SDG2 Advocay Hub, met with Chefs, chef associations, culinary students, farmers, media, among others to discuss how to achieve a sustainable food future for all.

Hosted by the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA)’s President Chef Manjit Gill along with the Chefs Guild of India (CGI) at the Roseate House – Aerocity, supported by knowledge partner – Cuisine Digest magazine for Chefs, this event drew a sizeable audience including Chefs who had travelled to New Delhi from all over India to participate in this dialogue on Global, National and Local action on SDG2. 

Chef Manjit Gill, President-IFCA, opened the event enumerating a Chef’s characteristics as per the old Indian manuscripts: “a well versed in science, well-travelled, with a knowledge of the climate, metals, and so on, and who understands the physiology of the diner.”

Chef Manjit Singh Gill, President, Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA)

He encouraged Chefs to go beyond managing their kitchens well, by stepping out of their kitchens to attend conferences, seminars and events related to food to expand their knowledge, in order to make the world more sustainable.

Paul Newnham, Coordinator-SDG2 Advocacy Hub, stressed on “the need for Chefs to get involved in this discussion on SDG2 as the way we produce and eat food will determine if we achieve these global goals – a debate where Chefs and farmers play a very critical part.”

Paul Newnham, Coordinator-SDG2 Advocacy Hub

According to Paul, “Chefs can either be a part of the solution or a part of the problem!”  

Apart from Paul Newnham and Chef Manjit Gill, the Chef’s Manifesto event drew prominent faces from the Indian food space – Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, President-Young Chefs Association of India, Chef Sudhir Sibal, Editor-Cuisine Digest magazine for Chefs, Chef Parvinder Bali of OCLD, Chef Tapan of CGI, Chef Varinder Rana of CAFR, Chef Tushar of WICA, and Sourish Bhattacharya of BW-Hotelier.

The event included a panel discussion with food industry, academics, agriculture and Chef representatives who engaged in a fruitful discussion on how to achieve a sustainable food future for all. Chef Manjit Gill demonstrated the use of seasonal vegetables from root to tip.

Panel Discussion

The Chef’s Manifesto engages chefs as advocates for a better food system for all; one that is less wasteful, more nutritious, and above all, respects the earth.

About the SDG2 Advocacy Hub

The SDG2 Advocacy Hub is a consortium of NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, private sector and UN agencies that collaborate on campaigns that help achieve SDG2 – to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030.

To facilitate this movement for change, the SDG2 Advocacy Hub worked with chefs all over the world to create a Chefs’ Manifesto – a thematic framework which outlines how chefs can contribute to the SDGs through simple, practical actions.

Images and text: Urvashi Sibal (Cuisine Digest magazine for Chefs)


Chef Manjit Gill – President, IFCA

Chef Manjit Gill is a culinary professional par excellence. Reputed for his constant innovation in the world of gastronomy, his is a name to reckon with in the national and global hospitality and culinary industry.

As the Corporate Chef of ITC, his knowledge and experience comes from four decades of work in pioneering world-class restaurants curating traditional Indian food and drawing on the nation’s culinary diversity – bringing unmatched fame to concept restaurants like Bukhara – the north-west frontier tandoori cuisine, Dum Pukht – a grand cuisine from Avadh, Dakshin – specialized food from the four southern states of India, Kabab & Kurry – the best of pan-Indian kebab and curry dishes, and the recent Royal Vega – an honestly pure vegetarian food restaurant, based on the philosophy, principles and guidelines of Indian gastronomy (Ayurveda) – all of which are ITC brands – which have become Indian cuisine icons worldwide altering the perception of Indian food in the eyes of global epicureans.

Chef Manjit Gill is the first Indian honorary member of the world Chefs’ congress known as World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) – which has recently chosen him as the Chairman of their WorldChefs committee on Culinary Heritage and Cultural.

Earlier, Chef Gill had founded the first national chefs’ forum in India, and led the way by organizing regional forums into an amalgamated Chef’s body that is recognized by the government of India – the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) in 2003. In 2004, Gill brought honour to our nation when he got India membership of the world’s apex body WACS with a membership of over 100 countries. As IFCA President, Chef Gill has successfully organized seven biennial Chefs’ meets for Indian Chefs to meet world Chefs.

A teacher and a leader, the sought-after World Chefs’ judge evaluates culinary fests in different countries. Chef Gill is a member of prestigious professional organisations like The Cookery & Food Association, Great Britain; Master Craftsman – Craft Guild of Chefs, Great Britain and Research Chefs Association, USA.

Chef has authored books titled ‘Eating Wisely & Well’ published by Penguin India, Indian Spa Cuisine published by Rolly Books, Fire/Water/Earth/Air/Ether – Secrets of Indian Gastronomy (2012).

It was the face of Chef Manjit Gill that launched Indian food shows on Doordarshan in 1982, bringing culinary to Indian homes of various regions – Aapka Nashta, Daawat, followed by many other national and international TV programming. But, Chef decided to focus on food as an experience for epicureans day-after-day in his iconic restaurants as the “Real Chef.”

Chef Manjit Gill (Photograph by Shailen Parker)

Felicitated with several prestigious accolades, Chef Gill’s contribution to the culinary world has been recognized in India and abroad.

Drawing appreciation for his vast body of work as a Chef, the Ministry of Tourism (government of India) decorated him with the highest honour in the hospitality profession – Lifetime Achievement Award – a first for a Chef (2007).

Among other accolades, Chef received the Punjabi Gold Award from the World Punjabi Organization for his invaluable contribution to Punjabi cuisine (2007); the prestigious Paryatan Ratan from Panjab University, Chandigarh (2016); and the Silver Certificate of Excellence in the Sheraton Culinary Olympics held in Boston, USA (1987).

As President, IFCA, Chef Gill organized the first National Culinary Art Exhibition and Competition (1990). It is to the credit of this visionary Chef, who – in order to promote Indian Chefs and cuisine at the global competitions – pioneered India’s participation at world competitions that matter. Since 2010, Indian Chefs have been competing at the biennial Bocuse d’Or – considered the Culinary World Cup, along with the World Pastry Cup – positioning India as a world food destination.


Chef Thomas Gugler – WorldChefs President

Thomas A. Gugler, was elected as the President for Worldchefs for the coming 4 years. Previously Continental Director of Africa & Middle East), Gugler beat two other candidates to the Presidency seat.
The dynamic German national has played an instrumental role in Worldchefs. In his 3 years as Continental Director (Africa & Middle East), he has steered and increased membership by 300% and established numerous chef associations. He also has decades of experience judging in Worldchefs competitions globally, certified A category judge and is celebrated for his huge love for the hospitality industry.
Thomas is also a certified Executive Master Chef who has won hundreds of medals and awards as well as tokens of appreciation from all around the globe. He works as the Corporate Director of Kitchens for AFS(Arabian Food Supplies) Naghi Group.


IFCA’s 8th International Chefs Conference

IFCA International Chefs Conference is happening on 3rd  – 5th October 2019 at Hotel Pullman, New Delhi.

IFCA’s 8th International Chefs Conference is lined up with highly renowned National and International Speakers addressing the delegates on the Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainability in reference to culinary. There will be culinary demonstrations, Seminars and Workshops.

This international event involves the entire chef fraternity and the hospitality professionals in the country.

International Chefs Day 2019

 International Chefs Day 2019 – a time to support the children around the world – is approaching soon in October. 

On October 20th we invite you to make a difference in your communities by making healthy eating fun and exciting for children.  

This year’s campaign theme is, “How Healthy Food Works!” Once again, made possible by our partner Nestlé Professional.  

How can you participate? It’s so easy!  Since last 2018, Nestlé Professional has prepared and tested recipes to make it easier for you.

Visit internationalchefsday.worldchefs.org and download the recipes, along with the toolkit provided. This will help you to organize and launch your International Chefs Day 2019 Super Workshop, or to make this even more fun for the children, why not call it a party?

With only a few months left, it is time to start thinking of where you will have your International Chefs Day 2019 Party.  For example:

  • Contact a local culinary school kitchen and get their students involved to help you.
  • Reach out to your local public or private schools.  Get the cafeteria supervisor involved and do this together with students.
  • Reach out to your local chef’s association for other suggestions or venues they can give you access to without having to pay rental fees, or for basic utensils and equipment.
  • Or, simply share your knowledge and cook with your children in your very own kitchen and invite their neighborhood friends.

And please keep be sure to read in your toolkit about the Health & Safety considerations.

Read more at: WorldChefs

Chef Sabyasachi Gorai (Saby)

The Chef with the Midas Touch

Chef Saby is the only recipient of the most coveted National Tourism Award, for “Best Chef of India”, awarded by the President of India. Chef Saby quit his high flying job as Culinary Director of Olive Bar and Kitchen, in 2012 and started his culinary academy to nurture and mentor young Chefs. His biggest international achievement came when he won the “Best Chef of India” at Varli Awards, New York. He was also honoured with the prestigious “Silver Hat Award” by the Indian Culinary Forum. He was also awarded the best International Chef of India by the “Food & Nightlife Magazine”, and was also featured in the Gourmet Gurus list amongst numerous other awards he has received. Every restaurant that he has headed, launched and set up has been awarded at all the food awards in this country.

He has also been trusted with the responsibility of being the President of the Young Chefs Forum, under WACS (Worlds Association of Chefs Societies), to groom the budding chefs.

Visit his website: www.chefsaby.com

Contact Chef Saby:

Fabrica by Chef Saby
A-38, 1st Floor
Masoodpur, Behind GD Goenka School
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi 110070
(+91) 9818544993

The Chef and World Food Day: October 16, 2017

What is World Food Day?

World Food Day is celebrated every year on 16 October to commemorate the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO). The day also provides a key opportunity to focus the attention of world leaders and change makers on one of the biggest global issues of our time: Hunger. (Courtesy: sdg2advocacyhub.org/)

What does it mean to the Chefs?

As food artists, and promoters of good food, Chefs are integrally involved with the one thing that the world needs to survive along with water and air – FOOD!

Chefs bring the food from the farm-to-plate. In many ways, they set the pattern of food consumption.

In this role, as role models, as some would call them, Chefs need to show a responsible attitude towards food in terms of promoting sustainable food production and espousing the cause of Zero Hunger as Global Citizens.

What can you do as a Chef to eliminate hunger?

Join the community and sign the Chef’s Manifesto.

Food is Life SDG2 logo.png

Ensure a better future for food by signing up on the Chef’s Manifesto here:


What is India doing on World Food Day?

The food safety agency of India – FSSAI – is holding a National Summit on Fortification of Food on October 16, 2017 at FDA Bhawan, New Delhi. Read More here:


Food is Life Full Poster_0.jpg

How can a responsible Chef contribute to eliminating hunger?

Drawing from FSSAI’s launch of Indian Food Recovery Alliance, there are interesting take-home guidelines fro the Chef:

  • Recover surplus food for distribution to the poor and needy
  • Prevent food loss and food waste
  • Common technology platform and greater outreach

For more information, visit: https://www.ifra.org.in/

What are your thoughts on Zero Hunger target of Sustainable Food as Chefs?

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