Chef Rahul Wali

Chef Rahul Wali is Founder & Vice President of Chefs Association of Garhwal – Dehradun, chef/owner at Rahul’s Kitchen in Bhidoli, Dehradun and heads the kitchen of a Dehradun resort Nature Quest.

With a Graduate Diploma in Gastronomy from Le Cordon Bleu, Adelaide, South Australia, Chef Rahul is not only well-known for his great culinary passion and expertise in Italian, BBQ, Continential, this adventurous food connoisseur is also a flag-bearer for the Slow Food Alliance of India.

Chef has over 16 years of work experience in 5-star hotels from India and abroad – Hotel blue Diamond, pune, Haveli Resaturant, Mumbai, Leela Kempenski – Mumbai, Radisson – Mumbai and Delhi, Ramada – Dubai, Spice – Adelaide (south Australia), to name a few.

Member of Chefs Guild of India, ICF, WICA, SICA, Culinary Guild of Bulgaria, Emirates Culinary Guild, he is a board member of the Chefs Association of Five Rivers forum (CARF) – Punjab, IGCDCCA – Romania (Italy), International Culinary Union – London, he is a WACS-approved Judge who dreams to get Dehradun hill food on the food map of India.

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